photo of Lisa Stark, Owner Lisa Stark
Beach Paradise Tanning Salon/Tiki Kut Hair Salon
108 Chestnut St
Allegan, MI, 49010 USA

Lisa Stark is Co-owner with husband Dale of Beach Paradise Tanning Salon and owner of Tiki Kut Salon which is conveniently located inside Beach Paradise. Lisa is extremely dedicated to making every customers experience enjoyable and memorable.

Lisa is a senior stylist of 25 years, she is a graduate of Chic University of Cosmetology. She is certified in classes,Beauty Locs Hair Extensions by Zuri and Company. Lisa believes there is never an end to expanding her knowledge. Attending classes, achieving new techniques to improve her skills, and then applying them to her individual loyal clientele. She believes everyone is a unique individual and deserves the look that specially, caters to their personality. 

Lisa has 3 children, Camaraye is 24 and has her bachelors degree in business administration; Curtis is 23 and is currently serving in the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman, he is married to his high school sweetheart Heather, and the two of them live in Ridgecrest CA; and Deziree' is 20 and currently in her 2nd year in college working toward her nursing degree.

Lisa also has 3 step children with husband Dale. Laura 24, has 2 adorable children, Jenny 23 is at Central Michigan University studying Elementary Education, and Hannah 14 is a freshman in high school whose passion is theater. And her very loving and supporting husband Dale who owns his own construction company, is constantly upgrading the look of our salon, he is a constant in helping achieve the goals for running a successful business.



108 Chestnut St Allegan, MI 49010 (269) 673-6927